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Work Experience Level 4
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Also suitable for Transition Year

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Work Experience Level 4

Work Experience Level 4

Also suitable for Transition Year

Work Experience Level 4 is intended to support the learner in any course with a Work Experience Minor Award at Level 4 standard in the NFQs.

It contains a high quality, colour, ring bound work folder which students convert into their 'Collection of Work' and a 250 slide teacher's presentation to deliver the entire course. The presentation includes interesting, fun embedded videos and covers the nine learning outcomes which are mapped to a suggested marking scheme.


The course content is broken down into four sections:

1) General Work Related Information

  • Globalisation
  • Economic Shifts
  • Public, Private and Voluntary Sector features
  • Paid & Unpaid Workforce Participation
  • Health & Safety, Equality & Employment Legislation

2) Planning & Preparation

  • Exploring Life Experiences through skills & Interests checklists
  • Finding opportunities for Education & Work Experience placements
  • Finding a Work Experience Placement including: creating a C.V. & cover letter and goal setting.

3) Learner Account of Work Placement

  • 10 day Work Placement Diary
    To be completed daily during the work experience. It includes questions to guide the student into thinking about criteria found on the Supervisor's Report and the Skills Demonstration Assessment and also how they can get more out of their placement both personally and professionally.

4) Review of Placement & Future Planning

  • Review of Work Placement & Goals
  • Future planning for education / training
  • Plus the Appendix Section and Assessment Section