Using Classroom Guidance Guides

All Craft Apprenticeships 24 Videos

New Apprenticeships 19 Videos

Episode 1

How the CAO Actually Works?

Episode 2

PLC Courses, Why they should be considered?

Episode 3

Subject Choice for your Leaving Cert 

Episode 4.1

SUSI Grants Eligibility Criteria


Episode 4.2

SUSI Grants Online Form

Episode 5

Transition to College

Episodes 6,7,8 & 9

Playlist on 

Studying Tips  

Episode 10

Top 10 Skills Required 

Episode 11

Goal Setting

Adding purpose to your life

Episode 12

5 Reasons Networking Works

Episode 13

Scholarships & Bursaries

Episode 14

Alternative Routes to Careers

Episode 15

What is actually in a 3rd level course

Episode 16

Applying To HEAR

Episode 17

Applying To DARE

Episode 18


Episode 19

Habits of Effective Students (first 3)

Episode 20

Habits of Effective Students (last 4)

Episode 21

CAO Change Of Mind Advice

Episode 22

How To Apply To A PLC Course

Episode 23

Engineering, What is it?

Episode 24

What is Leaving Cert Applied?

Episode 25

Clever Exam Techniques

Episode 26

What is an Arts Degree and why do one?

Episode 27

What You need for College Open Days & Career Events?

Episode 28 to ….

Playlist, Jobs Skills and Sectors Explained

​Episode 45 

How to apply to a PLC Course using 

​Episode 46

​Episode 47

Episode 48

UCAS, how to apply to College in the U.K.

Episode 49

What are the New Tertiary Degree Courses?

Episode 50

Top 10 up and coming careers to consider

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