There are three learning styles: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

Lets take a few moments and explore each of these learning styles in more detail.
How we learn and knowing what our predominant learning style is can be very helpful.
When studying we should try to mix up the ways we learn to help stay engaged with the learning. (Good teachers do this for you)
If you adapt your study creatively with your dominant learning style you will be more effective.
1.I’m likely to understand and remember things that I hear.
2.I enjoy classroom activities where I can participate, like labs.
3.My notes have lots of pictures, arrows, or other symbols in them
4.I understand and follow directions on maps.
5.I enjoy working with my hands.
6.Before beginning an unfamiliar task, I prefer to see someone do it first.
7.I often need verbal explanations of graphs and diagrams to understand them.
8.I can ‘picture’ the correct answer from my notes while taking a test.
9.I prefer the teacher to write information on the board during class.
10.I think better when I have the freedom to move around.
11.When performing an unfamiliar task, I prefer someone talk me through it.
12.I remember material better when I summarise it out loud.
13.I make ‘pictures’ like graphs & charts to help me better understand concepts.
14.It is difficult for me to study in a noisy area.
15.I prefer to listen to a speech than to read about the same material.
16.When learning something, I often ignore the directions and just start doing it.
17.If I sat near a window in class, I would probably be distracted by it.
18.I often tap my foot or pencil when thinking.
19.When I’m trying to explain something to someone I use my hands a lot.
20.I remember more about a subject by listening in class than by reading a text.
21.I get restless when I am required to sit still for a long time

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