The purpose of the Big Five Personality Test* helps you to understand your personality better.

The big five test assesses personality across five dimensions:

Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

Take the test to see how you score the results will explain the traits and give advice on possible future choices that could help you.

*This test is a “Big Five type test”. i.e. it is not an official and validated test. It is more accurate for 23-year-olds and older as personality and knowing yourself is more consistent. Teenager’s personalities are more fluid so this test could be misleading. As with all psychometrics, they can be a margin of error.



Part 1 of 5

1.I often seek out new experiences or adventures.
2.I often set specific goals for myself.
3.I generally enjoy being around and interacting with other people.
4.I am generally empathetic and understanding towards others’ feelings.
5.I often worry or feel anxious about various aspects of my life.

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