Anger Test

Answering the following statements as best you can.

Score Key:

81-100– Your anger expression is likely getting you into serious trouble with others. It
would probably be worthwhile to seek professional help.

61-80– You may not need professional help but you need to work on controlling
your anger in a very deliberate manner.

51-60- You have plenty of room for improvement. Reading a self help book on anger
control could be beneficial

30-50– You’re probably getting angry as often as most people. Monitor your episodes of
temper and see if you can lower your score on this test in 6 months.
Below 30- Congratulate yourself. You are likely in a good comfort zone.



1.I get angry for very small things.
2.I have a really bad temper.
3.It’s hard for me to let go of thoughts that make me angry.
4.When I become angry, I have urges to beat someone up.
5.When I become angry, I have urges to break or tear things.
6.I get impatient when people don’t listen to me.
7.I lose my temper at least once a week.
8.I embarrass family, friends or classmates with my anger outbursts.
9.I get impatient when the car in front drives exactly the speed limit.
10.When my neighbours are inconsiderate, noisy, messy or rude it makes me angry
11.I find myself frequently annoyed with certain friends or family.
12.I get angry when people do things that they are not supposed to, like continuously messing in class.
13.There are certain people who always rub me the wrong way.
14.I feel uptight/tense.
15.I yell and/or curse.
16.I get so angry I feel like I am going to explode with rage.
17.I get easily frustrated when technology does not work properly.
18.I remember people and situations that make me angry for a long time.
19.I can’t tolerate incompetence, it makes me angry.
20.I think people try to take advantage of me.

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