Essential Work Experience NFQ Level 5


Using the minor award descriptor 5N1356 a very expedient method of delivery has been designed. Using our free interactive Power Points, the student is lead through the Learning Objectives required by Q.Q.I.

This Learning Record is a first-rate guide and aid for teachers to create appropriate assessment briefs. It offers structure to learners that will enable excellent work in response to these briefs.!

Investigation of work organisations and career opportunities.
Analysis of key challenges and opportunities.
Rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.

A personal and vocational skills audit and career plan.

Work experience materials, including a CV, cover letter, evidence of job-finding skills, skills check list, and statement of learning goals.
Comprehensive ten-day work experience diary.
The Interview and a marking scheme.

Demonstration of effective communication skills.

Reflection on workplace experiences, to include feedback by supervisor.

Future options in training and employment in light of work experience.


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