Data from Growing up in Ireland, a longitudinal study which interviewed teenagers at 13 and 17 years of age has found that many teens are not getting advice on sex from their parents. 

“By age 13, 45 per cent of young people reported that they had discussed sex and relationship issues with their parents. By age 17, this proportion had increased to just under 60 per cent.”

Those that had discussed it were significantly more likely to go on to use contraception. Those that hadn’t and relied mainly on their friends for information had lower levels of contraceptive use when they first had sex.

In addition, a recent National Youth Council of Ireland report found that, worryingly, more than 50% of young people do not understand what consent means.

This leaves a huge information gap which arguably could and should be filled by teachers.

To this end, Classroom Guidance have developed a range of Wellbeing resources. Use the Consent Units in Wellbeing 3 to help you get the Sexual Wellbeing conversation started with your students.

Click here to see our Wellbeing 3 resources.

Click here to see the full Irish Times article.

Click here to go to the Growing Up In Ireland website.


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