Finland has been ranked the no. 1 European country when it comes to resisting fake news, scoring 76 out of 100 in the Media Literacy Index (2018) . The Finnish national curriculum, developed to help protect against the deliberate spread of fake news stories by its Russian neighbour, encourages multi-platform information literacy and strong critical thinking across all subjects. They have broken the term ‘Fake News’ down into 3 categories: mistakes, lies and hoaxes which helps with identifying ‘post truth’ stories. Read the full article in the Guardian here:

Ireland were ranked 6th on the list, scoring 68 out of 100 ahead of Germany, the UK and France. See the full listing here:

However, we cannot be complacent. As Mark Little points out, there are a new breed of opportunistic PR companies springing up who wish to “change reality according to our client’s wishes.” See full tweet & article below:

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