A recent tweet by @OECD_Washington stated that the new OECDPISA report shows evidence of a link between a growth mindset and higher academic performance. It found that the majority of U.S. & Canadian teens believe that intelligence & abilities can be developed. Which begs the question can a growth mindset help disadvantaged students close the gap?

Our Essential Wellbeing 2 resource takes a comprehensive look at Growth Mindset.

Part One explores what a Growth Mindset is, how it differs to a Fixed Mindset and which one your students tend towards.

Part Two looks at the evidence and benefits of having a Growth Mindset.

Part Three concludes by giving students the tools to build a strong growth mindset of their own.

Our Wellbeing 1, 2 and 3 resources are built around the Junior Cert Wellbeing Framework and include all the Key Skills required. Students are also expected to rate their learning outcomes against the relevant Wellbeing Indicators as developed by the NCCA.

The required Appendix I: Planning Support for Wellbeing Learning documents are also included for Gold and Platinum Members.                                                                                                       

To see our Wellbeing 2: Growth Mindset Resources click here.

To see the @OECD_Washington tweet click here.

To see the OECDPISA report in full click here.

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