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Indecon Report on Guidance

Indecon Report released, here are the talking points. Pupils need more info on apprenticeships. Highest percentages in the world for students going to 3rd level (60%) Are too many are being directed onto third level. Mothers are the biggest influences on pupils’...

Seven ways to start meditating

Seven ways to start meditating

Find a meditation approach that you enjoy Start small Make yourself comfortable Work with your daily schedule Give an app a go Embrace failure Explore available resources Click on Image below to see our Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation in Wellbeing, this...

Workers Rights when the robots take over.

Workers Rights when the robots take over.

World leaders have been urged by an influential United Nations agency to sign up to a universal labour guarantee to bolster fundamental workers’ rights, including adequate living wages and collective bargaining through trade unions.

Designed to address rapid changes in the workplace triggered by the rise of the robot economy and technological automation, the International Labour Organization said a package of measures was required to put the world economy on a sustainable footing for the future.

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