“Cannabis Is Gravest Threat To Young Irish People’s Mental Health Today”

THE COLLEGE OF Psychiatrists of Ireland (CPsychI) has warned the combination of increasingly potent strains of the drug, and a widespread conception among the public that it is harmless, are having “devastating” effects pointing to the number of hospital admissions of young people with a cannabis-related diagnosis having increased by 300% between 2005 and 2017.

Help raise awareness of the dangers of cannabis (also known as marijuana, weed, pot, dope or grass) with your third years by working through our Wellbeing 3 Marijuana Unit with them. Unit 11 takes a look at:

  • Teenage brain development,
  • The chemical components of Marijuana
  • The risks to mental wellbeing by using the drug and the reasons for this.

CPsychI state that more and more people are using cannabis in Ireland but more and more young people are unaware of the harms of using cannabis as misleading information has increased the perception of cannabis as being harmless.

Start the conversation with you students now and help increase their awareness around this issue.

To see our Unit 11 resources click here.

To read the College Of Psychiatrists of Ireland ‘Cannabis and Your Mental Health’ information sheet in full, click here.

To read the The Journal.ie article on the CPsychI report click here.   

To read the Blindboy interview from TheJournal.ie on the wider dangers of illegal marijuana  click here.   

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