The new Apprenticeship Action Plan 2021-2025 will bring all apprenticeships together in one place – the National Apprenticeship office. It aims to grow the number of apprenticeships to 10,000 per year by 2025 by:

  • Enlarging the number & types of programmes available from the current 60.
  • Creating simplified entry routes to boost applicants from underrepresented groups.
  • Creating a better gender / representation mix through financial rewards to encourage employers to take on apprentices.
  • Creating a pilot project for European Erasmus-style apprenticeships & potential cross-border apprenticeship programmes.
  • Increasing public sector apprentice numbers from the current 100 to 750.

Help your students to explore the fantastic apprenticeship opportunities open to them with our Essential Guidance (5th Year) Apprenticeship Unit which covers:

  • An introduction to the concept of Apprenticeships
  • The structure of an Apprenticeship.
  • The entry requirements.
  • The application process in both traditional & new apprenticeships.
  • The assessment process & the equivalent qualification levels in Ireland / rest of the world plus future study options.
  • The cost of an apprenticeship compared with the cost of going to college.

 In a recent Irish Times article, apprentice mechanic Samantha Kao said “I really can’t recommend the ‘earn-and-learn’ route enough. We all learn differently. I love this model. It suits me much better. I’d suggest this over going to college. You’re learning and earning on the job. You get a chance to put into practice what you learn on the job immediately” She feels “now is the time to end the stigma among parents and school-leavers that apprenticeships are a “second best” option”.

Use our Essential Guidance (5th Year) resources to help open your students’ minds and explore the new apprenticeships available in the following areas:

  • Finance eg International Financial Services, Software, Aircraft Asset Management, Insurance.
  • Farming eg Applied Horticulture, Farm Management, Farm Technician, Stud Farm Assistant Manager.
  • Construction eg Roofing, Scaffolding, Quantity Surveying.
  • Leisure eg Sports Turf Management, Bar Manager.
  • Engineering & Green Skills eg Wind Turbine Maintenance, Equipment Services Engineer, Manufacturing Data Integration Engineer, Precision Machinist / Quality Control.
  • Commercial Driving.
  • IT – Software Solutions Architect.

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To read the Irish Times Apprenticeship Action Plan article click here.

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